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A white Pomsky is a cute-looking dog that now makes every dog parent want to own them. Many people are interested to know more about these Pomeranian Huskies due to their natural beauty. However, do you know what must be prepared to own a Pomsky? Find out the answer below.

Everything about the White Pomsky

A white Pomsky is one of Pomeranian Huskies that many dog parents are going crazy about. Plan to own them? We’ve listed everything you need to know before buying one.

White Pomsky

Health Facts

An all-white Pomsky has a life span around 13 up to 15 years, depending on the type of food. The size of both males and females range between 25 and 38 cm with weight between 10 and 13 kg. In terms of coat, they usually have a fluffy, wavy, and double-layered coat. The health problem that often happens with Pomsky is eye issues, seizures, asthma, and oral infections.

Behavioral Problems

The white Pomsky might not be the choice for people who aren’t good at handling a canine’s behavior issues such as being pushy. A Pomsky usually inherits everything that their owners do. Thus, the dog parents should have lots of love and patience in training these cute canines.

Having a white Pomsky with kids at home might not be the best idea. It’s because the Pomsky is already aggressive to their pups. But this behavioral issue can be prevented by giving the dog an early training from a professional trainer.


A white Pomsky is widely known as one of the hyperactive dogs. Due to their high level of energy, it’s highly recommended to provide them with a mini-sized dry food that is specially made for small dogs like Pomsky. Also, make sure the food contains high protein, calcium, vitamins, and zinc.


There are actually four different types of Pomskies, and each of them has different coat types. As for the white Pomsky, due to its natural color, it requires high maintenance. To dry their wet coat, you may use a normal blow dryer as long as the dog feels comfortable. As to comb their fur, it’s highly advised to use a large-tooth comb.

White Pomsky 2

How Much Does it Cost to Have a White Pomsky?

The initial cost to own a healthy white Pomsky is already expensive, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Before deciding to buy a Pomsky, consider some expenses below:


You need around $2000 up to $4000 to own a white Pomsky puppy, and it’s not a small amount of money. Let alone having the Pomsky for the entire of life. To give them the best quality dog food for every year will spend about $400, it doesn’t include the dog treats.


Just like their parents, a white Pomsky is known to have a thick coat that will shed a lot of furs and require frequent maintenance. If taking care of all those white fur seems like too much of work, be prepared to pay around $30 to $90 to get your Pomsky groomed.

Health Care

Apart from skin and eye issues, a white Pomsky is not susceptible to any severe health conditions. Even so, the medical care for a Pomeranian Husky might take a lot of your savings. Thus, make sure to always be ready for every health check-ups and emergencies.

For preventive medication, it may need around $400. As for health insurance, it requires around $15 to $150 per month. It doesn’t include the annual vaccine expense for the white Pomsky that usually needs around $250 to $500.

Dog Toys and Leash/Walker

Pomeranian Huskies are known as breeds that to be hyperactive due to their high level of energy. It means that every dog parent should be preparing lots of dog toys in order to keep the white Pomsky entertained. The cost of dog toys is varied, depending on the types and materials.

White Pomsky 3

Apart from the dog toys, each dog parent should also be purchasing a leash to get the dog for daily walks. Depending on every parent’ lifestyle, you can also opt to hire a professional dog walker. Usually, a walker has a rate of around $20 to get the Pomsky walk around the block.


Since Pomeranian Huskies like to run around, consider building a fence around the yard. The cost to have a fenced yard is varied, depending on whether you want to do it on your own or hire professional workers.

Everyone will love a white Pomsky if the purpose is to own an energetic canine, and you’re willing to spare some expenses for them. They might be temperamental, but it can be solved by having them trained and prepare a lot of budgets to give them the best in everything.