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Dreaming of having a pet but don’t want to be bothered with its huge size? Then pomsky dogs could be one of the best choices for you. With its tiny size attached along on the name – teacup Pomsky puppies full grown look unbearably cute. It’ll be such a bundle of joy!

Understanding Teacup Pomsky Puppies Full Grown

For ones unaware of the term ‘pomsky’, pomsky simply means the mix breed of Pomeranian and Siberian husky. Even when it is called teacup-sized, the truth is, teacup pomskies are not literally that small.

Teacup Pomsky Puppies Full Grown

What’s the exact size of pomsky dogs?

Well, there’s nothing such an exact prediction related to the height and weight of dogs. That applies too for teacup Pomsky puppies full grown. It’s not exaggerating to estimate its size by counting it based on its parents’ average size.

Pomeranians are usually 7-12 inches tall, while Siberian huskies are 2-3 times taller (20-22 inches). Therefore, pomskies will generally grow around 10-15 inches tall. In the term of weight, teacup Pomsky puppies full grown are usually weighed around 19 pounds, given the average weight of Pomeranians are 3-7 pounds and huskies are at 35-50 pounds. Once again, there’s nothing certain for this point.

Pomskies are not teacups. But still, there are people calling this breed as that. Teacup dogs are those whose size is even smaller than the real poms. In the case of this breed, since there is a genetic mix with the several-times-larger Siberian husky, it is almost impossible to get a teacup pomsky, unless there’s something ‘fishy’ behind it – a disease, for example.

Personality traits

The objective of breeding a pom and a husky is no other than to retrieve the good traits from these breeds. Although they tend to be a perfect ‘child’, teacup Pomsky puppies full grown will be in need for training, more preferable if the training is done since their puppyhood.

Pomskies’ traits are the mix of watch-dog Pomeranians and playful Siberian huskies. Every pomsky has its own teacup Pomsky characteristics. But, they tend to behave perfectly as they bark seldomly, love cuddle-time, obey the owners’ commands, and give love to their owners unconditionally.

In general, teacup Pomsky puppies full grown are also witty, loyal, energetic, and having a good nature just like what it inherits from the husky side. Being mischievous is how they express their love. Given that your pomsky is an energetic pup, you’ll need to train it well so that they understand when to play and when to stop. Thanks to their playful sides, this breed is perfect for a family with children.

Teacup Pomsky Puppies Full Grown 2

Energy level and training

As mentioned earlier, teacup Pomsky puppies full grown are highly active. Owners might find this overwhelming, but with a proper training, their clinginess can be reduced. However, don’t let your pomsky to be left alone for too long. This will lead to frustration and they may find something ‘naughty’ to shush away boredom. For example, biting and chewing off your cushion or other things.

As a breed inheriting loyalty and the quirks of watchdog, teacup Pomsky puppies full grown is protective enough. Despite its small size and rarity to bark, when your pomsky dog comes across other dogs or strangers, they can become yappy around them.

Training this Pomeranian and husky mix-breed is relatively easier. Teacup Pomsky intelligence is known to be above average. Training them about basic house things, how to behave towards all family members, and some common tricks like sitting, fetching a ball, or taking a certain thing should be done as early as possible. Although training pomsky might be easier, it still takes time and patience.

Where to Get Teacup Pomsky Puppies Full Grown

If you are planning to get your teacup Pomsky puppies full grown from a shelter, the probability of getting one there is little. It is because pomskies are loved by many.

Teacup Pomsky Puppies Full Grown 3

As a result, it is very unlikely to find teacup Pomsky puppies full grown to be put on pedestal and homed in shelters. Therefore, the only choice is to call a trusted breeder. Make sure to check its lineage thoroughly. Checking for its health also comes as another important thing to do while purchasing your furry bundle of joy.

Hopefully the article above can help you to know a bit about teacup Pomsky puppies full grown. By knowing what’s needed to take care of a pet dog, especially a pomsky, you will be able to take care of it well. A happy dog should then be your best friend!