Teacup Pomeranian for 100 Dollars: Possible or Impossible?

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Getting tight on budget doesn’t become a barrier to get what you like. This includes an effort in getting your favorite pet: teacup Pomeranians.

However, can you get a teacup Pomeranian for 100 dollars? What is the possibility and how to easily find teacup poms around that sum of money?

Is Teacup Pomeranian for 100 Dollars Easy to Find?

The problem is clearly there: you’re tight on budget. Teacup dogs are special, thanks to their small bodies and compact size. However, is it possible to find teacup poms for 100 dollars?

We should know how a dog’s price is set. First, you should know that it doesn’t simply rely on the basic demand and supply theorem – it’s far more than that.

Teacup Pomeranian for 100 Dollars

It’s safe to say that with merely 100 dollars, it won’t be easy to find teacup Pomeranian. Why so? There are a lot of people desperately trying to look for a cute, smaller dog. With a high demand of it, breeders will usually take advantage of the chance. Hence making its price skyrockets.

In addition, a dog’s price is determined by many factors other than demand. To mention some, factors below determine how expensive a dog is.

1. Age

Puppies may price more than the adult version – much more expensive when compared to a senior dogs. This is due to its life span, trainability, and for some reasons, related to cuteness as well.

2. Pure/mixed breed

The point itself is clear. Pure breed will cost more than mixed ones. However, not all people know what differs pure and mixed breed. Therefore people may only rely on the breeder’s statement.

3. Breeding cost and health check

The whole process surely needs money. For this aspect, only the breeder knows. While the health check includes vaccination, spaying, or any others that are provided by the breeder.

From those factors determining a dog’s price, can you guess is it possible to find teacup Pomeranian for 100 dollars?

Where to Find a Teacup Pomeranian for 100 Dollars

It may make you desperate while looking for a teacup Pomeranian for 100 dollars. But, is finding teacup Pomeranian with such budget (100 dollars) impossible? Not impossible, it’s just trickier.

While generally a Pomeranian costs around $400-$4,000, it’s hard to believe if any breeders will trade teacup Pomeranian for 100 dollars. You may suspect there’s something wrong with the puppy; let it be a kind of sickness or anything bad.

However, if you persist to get a teacup Pomeranian for 100 dollars, you can try to find it in animal rescues. There, chances of meeting teacup dogs are much lower, given that teacup dogs are specially bred and have a high price.

Another option is to join the animal adoption group in social media. It will ease you to get information about dogs to adopt, which oftentimes don’t require you money other than the trip expenses and/or the dog’s medical check-ups.

Therefore, through this method you can get teacup Pomeranian for 100 dollars.

This method also allows you to know better about the previous state of the teacup Pomeranian you adopt. You can get the personality and medical history from the reliable source.

Well, that sums up that teacup Pomeranian for 100 dollars isn’t impossible. It’s just much trickier to find one!