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Have you heard about Teacup Pitbull puppies before, or are you already familiar with them? As the trend of owning pet has shifted to smaller companion, these teeny tiny pups are also getting their fair share of fans. Find out about what makes them so charming amongst dog owners in case you’re interested in getting one!

How to Recognize a Teacup Pitbull

Teacup Pitbull puppies are also commonly referred Miniature or Pocket Pitbull. The most misconception about them is that they’re small enough to be carried on one’s palm – because they’re not.


The Miniature Pitbull is the smaller breed out of others Pitbull. However, the Teacup name hardly sticks to reality because they actually aren’t small enough to be put inside the teacup or a pocket. The adults of Pocket Pitbull puppies weigh about 5 lbs. and are 17 inches tall in average.


Most of features posed by Teacup Pitbull puppies are inherited from American Pitbull Terrier. They have far smaller body frame, but still maintain the stubby and sturdy form characteristic that caused them to appear strong and muscular. They also tend to be longer than they are tall.

This type of bred has shape of head skull that a bit similar to wedge with cramped muzzle. They have peeking out ear that range in length from short to medium. The coat of Teacup Pitbull dogs in general are really short, but have thick, smooth, and shiny qualities. The shades of Teacup Pitbull puppies range widely from white, black, gray, cream, brown, tan, pied, or brindle.

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How to Take Care of Teacup Pitbull

Both the parents breed of Teacup Pitbull puppies are known to be hostile and aggressive. However, the Mini Pitbull tends to be very gentle and protective of people they are familiar with.

Once the Teacup Pitbull puppies had socialized and trained properly, they make wonderful companions even for kids, due to their gentle and playful demeanor. They make a great guard dogs as well, because they have good sense of loyalty and highly protective instinct to take care of people and their territory.

Miniature Pitbull naturally have emphatic trait, which when combine with their intelligence, helps them to show empathy when recognized certain mood. The pups can tune very well with their family and pick up clues of both positive and negative circumstance. With consistent, dedicated, and gentle training, they will provide you the best qualities that inherited to make an excellent additional family member.

As these dogs tend to be active, agile, and high on energy, they require plenty amount of attention and a lot of time outside. Teacup Pitbull puppies love being on outdoor setting and have to be at least get an hour of exercise each day that can be split into several short session of exercise. If the energy isn’t being used and let wasted, there’s a possibility to become destructive and later turned into undesirable behavior.

So, you see now that Teacup Pitbull puppies belong to relatively new breed of dog, so they may be more expensive than the other. However, they don’t need heavy maintenance to be healthy and presentable so they are less likely to harm your budget plan.