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Shih tzu pomeranian mix for sale near me – Looking for a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix for sale near you? Get ready to meet your furry companion! In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics, popularity, and interesting facts about this mixed breed. We’ll also provide tips on finding reputable breeders, evaluating puppy health, and adoption options.

Plus, we’ll discuss the costs and the process of contacting breeders or adoption agencies. So, let’s dive in and discover your perfect Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix!

Introduction to Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix: Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix For Sale Near Me

The Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix, also known as a Shiranian, is a designer breed that combines the characteristics of the Shih Tzu and the Pomeranian. This mix breed is known for its small size, adorable appearance, and friendly nature.

Characteristics of a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix

The Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix typically has a compact body with a fluffy double coat that can come in a variety of colors, including white, black, brown, and combinations of these. They have a cute face with expressive eyes and a curly tail.

Due to their mixed heritage, their appearance may vary, but they generally have a Shih Tzu-like face with Pomeranian-like fur.

Popularity among Dog Lovers

The Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix has gained popularity among dog lovers due to its charming personality and lovable traits. Their small size makes them suitable for apartment living and they are known to be excellent companions. Additionally, their cute and fluffy appearance makes them irresistible to many dog enthusiasts.

Interesting Facts about the Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix

  • The Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix is a relatively new designer breed, and its popularity has been growing steadily in recent years.
  • They are known for their intelligence and can be easily trained with positive reinforcement techniques.
  • This mix breed tends to be quite social and enjoys being around people, making them great family pets.
  • They are generally good with children and other pets if properly socialized from a young age.

Temperament and Behavior

The Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix is known to be friendly, affectionate, and outgoing. They love being around their owners and thrive on attention and affection. They are generally good-natured and get along well with other animals. However, they can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods, so they require regular companionship and mental stimulation.

Advantages and Challenges of Owning a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix


  • They are small in size, making them suitable for living in apartments or smaller homes.
  • They have a low-shedding coat, making them a good option for individuals with allergies.
  • They are generally easy to train and eager to please, making them a good choice for first-time dog owners.


  • They require regular grooming to maintain their long and fluffy coat.
  • They can be prone to dental issues, so proper dental care is essential.
  • They may exhibit stubbornness at times, requiring consistent and patient training.

Overall, the Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix is a delightful and affectionate breed that can bring joy to any household. Their small size, friendly nature, and adorable appearance make them a popular choice among dog lovers.

Finding Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix for Sale Near Me

Shih tzu pomeranian mix for sale near me

If you’re looking to find a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppy for sale near you, there are several sources you can explore. It’s important to do thorough research and consider reputable breeders to ensure the health and quality of the puppies.

Sources to Find Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix Puppies for Sale

When searching for Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppies for sale, consider the following sources:

  • Local Breeders:Check with local breeders who specialize in mixed breeds or specifically breed Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppies. They may advertise their puppies for sale through online platforms or local classifieds.
  • Online Marketplaces:Websites like PuppyFind, Petfinder, and AKC Marketplace often list puppies available for sale. You can search for Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppies and filter the results by location to find ones near you.
  • Rescue Organizations:Consider adopting a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix from a rescue organization. They may have puppies available for adoption or can help you find one through their network.

Researching Reputable Breeders

When looking for a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppy, it’s crucial to research and choose a reputable breeder. Consider the following tips:

  • Check Credentials:Look for breeders who are registered with recognized kennel clubs or organizations. This ensures they follow proper breeding practices and adhere to breed standards.
  • Visit the Breeder:Arrange a visit to the breeder’s facility to see the living conditions of the puppies and their parents. A reputable breeder will be transparent and allow you to interact with the puppies.
  • Ask for Health Certificates:Inquire about health clearances for both parents, including genetic testing. This helps ensure that the puppies are healthy and free from inheritable diseases.

Evaluating Health and Quality of Puppies, Shih tzu pomeranian mix for sale near me

When meeting Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppies, keep the following in mind to assess their health and quality:

  • Physical Appearance:Look for puppies with clean and bright eyes, a shiny coat, and a lively demeanor. Avoid puppies with visible signs of illness or abnormalities.
  • Temperament:Observe the puppies’ behavior and socialization. Ideally, they should be friendly, curious, and well-socialized with humans and other animals.
  • Ask for Documentation:Request documentation of vaccinations, deworming, and any other medical care the puppies have received. A responsible breeder will provide these records.

Adoption Options for Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix

In addition to purchasing a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppy, you can also consider adoption options. Look for rescue organizations or shelters that specialize in mixed breeds or have Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppies available for adoption. Adoption is a rewarding way to provide a loving home to a puppy in need.

Costs Associated with Purchasing a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix

The cost of a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppy can vary depending on factors such as the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s lineage, and the region. On average, you can expect to pay between $500 to $1500 for a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppy.

Contacting Breeders or Adoption Agencies

When reaching out to breeders or adoption agencies, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Collect the contact information of the breeders or adoption agencies you are interested in.
  2. Prepare a list of questions to ask, including inquiries about the puppies’ health, parentage, and any guarantees or contracts provided.
  3. Initiate contact through phone calls or emails, expressing your interest in their Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix puppies and inquiring about availability.
  4. Schedule visits or meetings with the breeders or adoption agencies to further discuss the puppies and assess their suitability for your home.

Caring for a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix

The Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix requires regular grooming and care to keep them looking their best. Here are some tips on how to care for this adorable mixed breed:

Grooming Needs

Regular grooming is essential for a Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix. Their long, dense coat can easily become matted if not properly maintained. Here are some tips on how to keep their coat in good condition and prevent matting:

  • Brush their coat daily to remove tangles and prevent matting. Use a slicker brush or comb designed for long-haired breeds.
  • Trim their hair regularly, especially around the eyes, ears, and paws, to keep them clean and prevent irritation.
  • Bathe them every 4-6 weeks using a gentle dog shampoo. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out all the shampoo to prevent skin irritation.
  • Regularly check their ears for any signs of infection or wax buildup. Clean their ears with a veterinarian-recommended ear cleaner.
  • Trim their nails regularly to prevent them from becoming too long and causing discomfort.

Exercise Requirements

Despite their small size, the Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix has moderate exercise needs. Here are some tips on how to meet their exercise requirements:

  • Take them for daily walks to provide mental stimulation and physical exercise.
  • Engage them in playtime activities such as fetching toys or playing tug-of-war.
  • Provide them with interactive toys and puzzles to keep them mentally stimulated.

Dietary Needs and Feeding Schedule

A balanced diet is important for the health of a Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix. Here are some tips on their dietary needs and feeding schedule:

  • Feed them high-quality dog food that is appropriate for their age, size, and activity level.
  • Divide their daily food intake into two or three smaller meals to prevent overeating and aid digestion.
  • Avoid feeding them table scraps or human food, as it can lead to obesity and digestive issues.
  • Provide them with fresh water at all times to keep them hydrated.

Training and Socialization

Proper training and socialization are important for a Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix. Here are some tips on how to train and socialize them:

  • Start training them from a young age using positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise.
  • Enroll them in puppy obedience classes to help them learn basic commands and good behavior.
  • Expose them to various people, animals, and environments to ensure they become well-socialized.
  • Be patient and consistent with their training, as this mixed breed can sometimes be stubborn.

Common Health Issues and Preventive Care

Like any other breed, the Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix is prone to certain health issues. Here are some common health issues and tips for preventive care:

  • Regularly check their eyes for any signs of infection or irritation. Keep the area around their eyes clean to prevent tear stains.
  • Monitor their dental health and brush their teeth regularly to prevent dental problems.
  • Take them for regular veterinary check-ups to detect any health issues early on.
  • Keep them up to date on vaccinations and administer preventive medications for fleas, ticks, and heartworm.

Shih tzu pomeranian mix for sale near me

Ready to bring home a Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix? Now you know all about their characteristics, popularity, and where to find them for sale near you. Remember to prioritize their grooming, exercise, and dietary needs, as well as their training and socialization.

By providing proper care, you can ensure a happy and healthy life for your adorable companion. Start your search today and embark on an exciting journey with your Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix!