The Pros and Cons of Having Red Pomsky as Pet

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A red pomsky is crossbreed dog between Pomeranian and husky. The result of these two breeds getting mixed together is this cute, medium-sized dog with amazing reddish color on their coat, should you get the red one. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of having the mix dog here.

Pros of Having a Red Pomsky

These are some advantages that you will get from having red pomsky at home as pet. Keep it in mind that the dog is indeed very much interesting and unique. Some advantages are:

Their Physical Appearance is Gorgeous

Basically, one of the best things about red pomsky is that they are physically amazing. They are so pleasing, aesthetically. They look great with the thick coat of fur and their (mostly) blue eyes. The reddish shade of their coat also adds more plus point to the handsome-ness of the dog for sure.

They are Extremely Intelligent

If you do not like to keep a pet that won’t be told anything, it won’t happen to the red pomsky. These dogs are considered very intelligent. They have strong instinct and they are highly trainable.

They Have Long Lifespan

The lifespan of the dog is around 10 to 13 years, which is quite long for a dog. As you will form emotional bond to the dog, getting a dog that lives a long live this red pomsky is quite essential here.

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Cons of Having a Red Pomsky

Everything must have negative side, including getting red pomsky as pet. These are some disadvantages that you should know about getting the dog and keep them at home as pet:

They are Quite Expensive

Red pomsky maintenance and initial price are considered high by some people. To bring home this dog as puppy, the average price to pay (for the adoption and so on) is around $1,500 to $ 2,000. If the dog has exceptional parents, too, the price can be up to $5,000 or even more. It is very expensive for a puppy for sure.

They are Less Welcoming, Especially Toward Stranger

Although the dog is generally friendly to their owners, they are not too friendly toward strangers. They can even be fierce and quite menacing. Keeping eyes on them while they are around strangers should be mandatory.

They Can’t Live in Hot Area

The expensive red pomsky cost won’t get paid off when you live in hot, dry area. The dog won’t even survive there. We do know that husky is naturally a dog breed that adapts to colder area, but not the hot one. This is why their crossbreed has the same trait. Red pomsky cannot live in hot area. If you live in states like Florida or Texas, the dog is hard to adapt there.

As the advantage and disadvantage of the dog have been explained, now you can consider whether or not to get the dog. The dog is totally adorable but they won’t suitable for those who have tight budget for their dogs. It is basically a lot of money to get and to take care of a red pomsky.