What Kind of Hybrid Red Maltipoo Dog is?

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We know that Maltipoo is a breed between a Maltese and a poodle parent. Poodle may have several color variations, but Maltese isn’t, so when you are breeding it, getting a red Maltipoo is just like getting a rare gem. What should you do to find Maltipoo in this color?

The Biology of Red Maltipoo

Red Maltipoo is not that easy to obtain. Since its pure Maltese parent has white fur genetics, oftentimes breeding trials will result in lighter shades, like cream, apricot, or beige.

Red-coated Maltipoo is rare. Aside from its Maltese parental genetic traits, poodle itself does not have any color that, when combined with white, preserve reddish coat in its filial. However, it doesn’t mean red-coated Maltipoo is totally impossible. The chance of getting it is rare, similar to getting a black Maltipoo.

Does red-colored Maltipoo have distinct personality that makes them special? Well, dog’s personality and behavior are not defined by its coat color, but more often than not, its breed type. In case of Maltipoo, it has typical personalities as follows:

  1. Adaptability

Red Maltipoo or Maltipoos in general are a perfect breed for apartment residents. It is also known as a breed that doesn’t require much care – hence making it suitable for new dog owners. However, it can be sensitive often, especially to cold weather and sole being.

  1. Friendliness

Maltipoos are friendly bundle of joy. Have a kid, another dog, or even strangers, Maltipoos will never turn them down. They can be so affectionate with the ones they know for long, more specifically, their owners.

  1. Health and grooming

Regarding this, red Maltipoo general health considerably needs more care than average dogs. So, you must plan regular visit to vet if you have a Maltipoo. In case of grooming, it doesn’t shed a lot of fur and it doesn’t drool a lot.

  1. Physical needs and trainability

Maltipoos don’t need much time to learn a new trick. Along with their high tendency to howl and bark, they curiosity can make them a wanderlust pet. Their energy level is just average, but they tend to be ‘turned on’ quickly had there been someone who wants to play with him.

Red Maltipoo Red Maltipoo 2 Red Maltipoo 3

How to Get Red Maltipoo

Maltipoos are found quite frequently at shelters, but little to none of them is red Maltipoo. However, that can be your lucky day if you can adopt this dog from shelters.

Aside from getting a red-coated Maltipoo from the shelters, as you may already know, you can get it by contacting some breeders. Getting Maltipoo from Maltipoo breeders may cost you more, but the chance is way higher than finding one from shelters.

It’s a pivotal thing to always check the breeder’s accountability. Also, keep in mind the red color in Maltipoo can often be mistaken. People call it red, but the truth is beige, brown, or cream. You must know the right color to be described as red for Maltipoo. Therefore, you can get yourself a truly red Maltipoo as your friend for life.

That’s what you should know about red Maltipoo and how to get this kind of dog. Red-coated Maltipoo is kind of rare. Its color is often interchanged with other lighter colors. Hence, before getting your Maltipoo from a shelter or dog breeder, knowing the right ‘red’ for Maltipoo is crucial.