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There is a growing trend of Pure Colby Pitbull puppies for sale due to their interesting appearance and behavior. Actually, Colby Pitbull is more of a dog breed line. It is the origin of line that comprised of several Pitbull breeds such as American Pit bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and Staffordshire bull terrier.

Colby Pitbull Physical Features

Due to its relatively massive size, Pure Colby Pitbull puppies for sale possess their own appeal – such as being muscular and bulky. Despite of having rather intimidating physical attributes, they are honestly very friendly creatures.

Here are some of the appearance features of Colby Pitbull:

1. Weight and height

The weight and height of Colby Pitbull come in nice proportion. Both male and female adult dogs in this bred weigh around 40 to 50 lbs., meanwhile their heights range from 17 to 19 inches.

2. Head

Their head is medium in both size and length, but the skull is broad. Their skull also tends to be bulker than other breeds of dog.

3. Shoulder and neck

In general, the neck on Pure Colby Pitbull puppies for sale is thick and has medium length. Their shoulders are wide and muscular with slanted blades.

4. Tail

Compared to their sizes, these dogs have relatively short tail. It has tapers shape and set low.

5. Coat

Colby Pitbull typically has short and shiny coat. They have quite a tendency to shed plenty of hair. It is important to get them groomed regularly in order to maintain the silky coat.

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Colby Pitbull Personality Traits

Over than a century later after the breed has discovered, Pure Colby Pitbull puppies for sale are still in trend. It has survived disreputable stereotype of being an aggressive fighting dog.

In fact, Pure Colby Pitbull dogs are extremely family-oriented dog breed. They are excellently loyal if being taken as a family pet. They have certain charisma that makes their charm timeless, so their popularity won’t seem to fade in near future.

Any Pure Colby Pitbull puppies for sale won’t refuse for physical activity, even the heavy ones, because they love to be outside. These dogs make wonderful companions for exercise, such as light jogging or bicycle riding due to their great stamina. Being active and to exercise regularly are the key of their health and happiness.

The best living setting for these Colby Pitbull dogs for sale are house with secure fence and medium to large sized yard. Apartment might be suitable for more trained dogs, but they still require to be outdoor routinely and to have a lot of warmth from nature.

Pure Colby Pitbull puppies for sale tend to be socializing easily and extremely enthusiastic, that’s why they need to learn about manner since young. A well-trained dog will be a social butterfly that acts approachable to family, friends, and strangers.

Due to natural fondness to people, Pure Colby Pitbull puppies for sale make a good option if you want a canine companion at home. However, make sure that you get to buy your pet from trustworthy breeder and well-behaved parents. You also need to implement responsibility and understanding of owning a pet, no matter variety of breed.