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Due to their tough looks, Presa Canario Pitbull mix dogs often receive split opinions. Some say they are scary, and some think they are completely striking. Their calibers make this breed has its own followings. If you want to know about the particular mix breed, continue to read on below.

Presa Canario Pitbull Mix Appearance

The breed parents of Presa Canario Pitbull mix, the Pitbull and the Presa are both gorgeous. They h make people stop and stare, be it because they look so intimidating or due to being so captivating.

The appearance of Presa Canario Pitbull mix puppies are pretty much inherited for the both parents. Except for the size, Pitbull and Presa possess quite similar physical traits such as muscular and powerful body frame. In general, Pitbull has half a weigh of Presa Canario. The early breed weighs 30-65 lbs., while Presa measures at 80-130 lbs. Pitbull also a bit shorter at average height of 17-21”, while Presa sports superior height at 22-26”.

The coats of Presa Canario Pitbull mix are shiny and relatively short. They come in various colors you may think of dog, but mostly brown, silver, and gold.

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Presa Canario Pitbull Mix

Presa Canario Pitbull mix’s parents carry different temperaments and characteristic traits. It makes the mix breed’s personality comes in the middle spectrum of both parents by inheriting the best qualities from them.

Being a severely dominant dog, Presa is definitely not a smart choice for first-time dog owner. Meanwhile, Pitbull will be perfectly fine pet if you know how to be dominant upon them. Presa Canario tends to be vicious and arrogant once you lose the leader position to them. Pitbull is also a breed that requires firm owner, but most of them will be satisfied without having to provoke the status quo. So, getting Presa Canario Pitbull mix won’t be much of a problem even if you are inexperienced with canine pet.

These combinations above make Presa Canario Pitbull mix has solid yet still trainable personality. They still possess affectionate and gentle demeanors from Pitbull, yet the breed makes a pretty great guard dog as well. The strong attitude they inherit from Presa has given them confidence to ward predator if they need to.

That being said, Pitbull mix with Presa Canario dogs won’t hesitant to show their love for family. They like to cuddle and snuggle comfortably. They seem to think, for most of the time, that they’re the size of Chihuahua, so they like to lay across someone’s lap. Their parents are known to be clingy, affectionate, and get easily attached, one specific trait that gets descended to Presa Canario Pitbull mix, but without the ability to be powerful guard dog to protect his owner and the family.

In conclusion, it’s generally believed that Presa is a breed that won’t be suited for someone who’s not familiar with dog, while Pitbull won’t be much help if you want a reliable guard dog. Getting Presa Canario Pitbull mix will be the ideal options that offer you the best of both sides.