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Inheriting the traits of huskies and Pomeranian, here come our pomskies! Being a relatively new mixed-breed, and thanks to its cuteness, many people love them. No wonder the price of its puppies are sky-rocketing as the demand grows in number. When minimum budget is your choice, why not become a pomsky rescue?

Learn about This Hybrid of Pomeranians and Huskies before Adopting

Before inviting the new pomsky pups and becoming the pomsky rescue, it is best to learn some facts about them. That way, you can provide the best house for them.

1. Size

Pomskies are small to medium sized dogs. Mainly, they are around 10-15 inches tall, weighing something between 20-30 pounds.

2. Visible characteristics

In pomskies, husky-like appearance is what pomskies are best-known with. Pomsky rescue may be in love for its smaller size – but with thick and silky coat like huskies have. Commonly, these dogs are found in the mix of white, black, light brown, or gray.

3. Temperament

If pomskies were humans, they are the extroverted types of people. They love social interaction; they are cheerful and highly energetic. However, the Pomeranian’s watchdog traits sometimes become visible, especially if the dog isn’t well-aware of the situation. Once pomskies are well-trained, they’ll have a good control of patience.

Double dose of smartness is what to expect in pomskies. This means they love to do new tricks, hence requiring you to stay in the same energy as them. As a result, if your energy level is running low, they may start to bark out of boredom. You know what they want: attention. They can play for a long time too, thanks to their loyalty trait.

4. Grooming

New pomsky rescue needs to know this as well. As pomskies are a breed with relatively long hair, frequent brushing is needed – up to 4-5 times a week.

5. Health risks

Being the breed of huskies and poms means the health risks are also inherited too. Eye problems and hip dysplasia are what to defy from its huskies side, while from the Pomeranian parents, skin diseases are what to be anticipated.

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Are You the Right Human to be Pomsky Rescue?

Pomskies can’t help but to follow you after adoption. But, are you the right person for the doggo? Check out the list below. Let’s see if you’re fit for pomskies.

  • If you are someone living in an apartment, being a pomsky rescue will require you extra time to play with them. You know, once they are bored, the solo barking session may start which may disturb your neighbors.
  • Although they have good patience (once trained), their need for extra attention may not be good for ones who are extremely busy. If you have children, they may be helpful to avert their attention-seeking act. Who knows your kids love that you did pomsky adoption?
  • Their possessive traits may cause them to fight over food or things if you have other dog living under the same roof. Since you cannot ask for only puppies when deciding on being a pomsky rescue, extra training time may be needed.

After all, being a pomsky rescue is always better than buying a puppy from the breeder. Besides you can save money, adopting pomskies also help in reducing the risk of a dog being disowned, especially when their previous owner thinks that they don’t fit to be a pomsky parent.