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Goldendoodle are hybrid dogs, which is why it’s hard to predict how they would grow in the future regarding the size. However, if you want a cute-sized pup of this breed, mini Goldendoodle Oregon will ensure you that you’d get little canine friend even when they reach adult or older ages.

Physical Characteristics of Mini Goldendoodle Oregon

Mini Goldendoodle Oregon, or Miniature Goldendoodle is a breed from cross between purebred mini poodle and purebred Golden Retriever. Sometimes, they are born from the cross with Toy Goldendoodle as well.

This tiny dog breed weighs about 40 to 50 lbs., and heights in between 13”-20” tall. Typically, Miniature Goldendoodle will reach half of their weighs on adult ages when they are 3-5 months old. The full adult weighs are achieved when they’re about 11-13 months old. The teacup breed has 10-15 years of lifespan.

While each dog breed has their own common medical issue, a crossbreed such as mini Goldendoodle Oregon possesses double of the risk of health problem. Here are some of the potential critical health concerns they may develop:

  • Hypothyroidism: An illness that cause insufficient hormone production on thyroid gland
  • Von Willebrand’s disease: it is a condition where there’s no enough plasma protein to support blood clotting. This disease leads to excessive bleeding even from minor accident.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy: A condition where retina or eye’s photoreceptor cells performance degenerated and may lead to blindness.
  • Patellar Luxation: Common condition of dislocated knee on smaller dogs.

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Personalities of Mini Goldendoodle Oregon

If you’re searching for perfect family pets, then you may want to consider looking for mini Goldendoodle Oregon. They make a loyal, cute, sweet, and fun canine companion.

It is so easy to train and please mini Goldendoodle Oregon. This breed has low prey drive, that’s why they can get along with other pets, dogs or cats, in a well and quick way. In fact, due to their gentle and friendly characteristics, they are often used as therapy and service pets. Even for persons with disabilities, they will be a great partner because of their amiability, protectiveness, and loyalty.

Being a fairly dog breed, petite mini Goldendoodle Oregon prefer to do exercise in daily basis for 20-30 minutes. Make sure you get them to stay active regularly even if it’s only for a quick walk to nearby park. For those of you who live in all-weather area, they can adapt well both to hot and cold climates. Even though they are essentially an excitable crossbreed, they’d be able to match your energy level when you just want to wind up for the day.

If you’re a first-timer dog owner, you’d have no trouble in training intelligent mini Goldendoodle Oregon. Most times, you won’t even have to repeat training commands because they understand them easily.

Having said that, mini Goldendoodle Oregon is not without flaw. If you’re planning to buy mini Goldendoodle Oregon for sale, do enough research about the breeder and how you’d adapt them to your environment. See if the breed will make a great addition and suitable for your particular lifestyle.