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Stumbled across an article mentioning mini goldendoodle for sale? Some of you may have not known yet what kind of animal is mini goldendoodle, let alone how mini goldendoodle adult looks. Just like its name suggests, goldendoodle is a dog breed with golden retriever and poodle as the parents.

Mini Goldendoodle Characteristics from Size to Personality

Coming as the mix of golden retriever and toy poodle, goldendoodles are loved by many. Are they fit enough to be the human’s best friend? Let’s see their specific characteristics.

1. Size

Interestingly, mini goldendoodle size ranges vary. You can find its size starting from the mini, small, and large one.

Their ‘mini’ status isn’t literally mini at all. For the mini goldendoodle adult, they tend to be around 13-20 inches in height, and 15-35 pounds in weight. The other goldendoodles are taller and heavier – ranging from 17-24 inches in height and 40-90 pounds in weight.

2. Personality

If you are a novice in the world of having dog as a pet, don’t worry. Mini goldendoodle adult isn’t that demanding to have, though it takes time to adapt well to the house situation. They are intelligent, friendly, as well as highly sociable once they are ‘exposed’ to frequent social interaction. That means you should provide a decent time to take them for a walk. Exposing them to as many objects and person as possible help them to grow up being a well-rounded dog.

Although the temperament of your mini goldendoodle adult can be affected by the genetics, post-natal early training is important to form the personality traits. They might bark and howl for ones they don’t know. So, in order not to do that, early socialization as mentioned earlier should help to make them less anxious when meeting new people/other dogs.

3. Physical needs

In order to keep your mini goldendoodle adult physically and mentally healthy, you can provide them food depending on its size, build, activity level, and most importantly, age. So, the amount of food of a highly-active mini goldendoodle adult should be different between a couch potato goldendoodle.

It is also recommended not to prepare them ‘overflowing food resources’. This may lead to overweight. Therefore, measuring its food and feeding them two times per day is way better. Besides saving your dogs from overweight, you can also save them from bloating and gastric torsion.

Besides, it’s important to keep them routinely having exercise. Their energy level is quite high. Hence, once they don’t have anything to do, it may lead to frustration.

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Getting Your Mini Goldendoodle Adult Dog

Adopting a goldendoodle is a good thing, and will cost you pretty much lower cost than buying one from any breeders. To adopt a goldendoodle, it will cost you around $300.

That sum of money is used to cover the expenses of caring the dog before adoption. In the other hand, if you decide to buy a goldendoodle from a breeder, then it’ll cost you around $1,500-$2,500.

This family-friendly dog is undeniably cute and perfect for you, new dog carers. Their high trainability and their playfulness make them a good breed to take home. Mini goldendoodle adult is also that kind of dog who sheds furs moderately and doesn’t drool much, that’s why many people are head over heels in love with them.