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You sure want your dog pet to live long and spend as many years with you. But, there’s this saying ‘nothing lasts forever’. You can get old, and so is your dog. Are you the owner of maltipoo breed dog? Below is the information related to maltipoo life expectancy.

Maltipoo Optimum Age and What May Affect It

It is always sad to know that everyone will come to the end of their life one day. Even your dog can’t escape death – but at least there’s this number marking their life expectancy.

Maltipoo’s Life Expectancy

Maltipoo is a mix-breed of a Maltese and poodle. Besides they merely have a cute name and look, they are also perfect to be everyone’s companion dog. Its outgoing and bubbly personality makes it loved by many.

Maltipoo life expectancy is the average of Malteses’ and poodles’ all combined. It is known that in average, malteses can live up to 14-15 years, while poodles’ life expectancy is around 12-15 years. Although there are no exact studies mentioning this, from experiences, its life expectancy may span up to 10-15 years.

Interestingly, female maltipoo life expectancy tends to be longer by 12 to 18 months than those male maltipoos. However, there’s nothing fixed about the life expectancy of maltipoo, since many factors play some role to affect a dog’s life, one of them is health issues.

Common health issues influencing its life expectancy

Just like many mixed-breed dogs, the leading causes of death are cancer, muskuloskeletal diseases, and trauma. In addition, if the leading causes of poodles’ and Malteses’ death are included, there will be neurological, congenital problems, and cardiovascular diseases.

Even if those above maltipoo diseases may affect maltipoo’s life expectancy, it can be avoided with a routine check-up. Diseases don’t only come to older dogs – hence the earlier the disease is noticed, the earlier the intervention will be. This way, you can longer your maltipoo life expectancy.

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Helping Your Maltipoo to Stay Alive Long and Healthy

There are few things you can do to add some numbers to your maltipoo life expectancy. This will be related to its diet, spaying/neutering, keeping a good environment, and routine health check-ups.


Not only spaying and neutering can help to prevent unwanted cubs, it helps to lengthen the maltipoo life expectancy since this will prevent the dog from certain cancers.

Feeding the maltipoo with healthy diet

Diet plays a huge role to keep your maltipoo healthy. Keeping their nutrients balanced, as well as keeping them away from health-threatening ingredients should help you to keep your maltipoo’s life in a good track.

Safe environment

Since maltipoo is a relatively small dog, it is important to keep them away from dangers, for example the larger dogs. Therefore, when your maltipoo is left playing outside, a fenced yard will help to keep them safe.

Maltipoo is an agile breed so accidents may hunt them quite often. Watch your step, as you may accidentally happen to step, fall, or even sit on them. That can bring them major injuries that affect maltipoo life expectancy and may even cause death.

Mentioned above is the information about maltipoo life expectancy. To keep your maltipoo lifespan long enough, make sure to follow the aforementioned tips. Doing a routine health check-up will help keeping them healthy and live long. With the help of experienced vet, their lifespan can be kept optimally.