Maltipoo Brown Crossbreed Information of Lifespan, Size, Coat and More

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Maltipoo brown dogs and puppies are extremely cute and adorable. They are the crossing between Maltese dog and poodle dog. As the result, they have the signature petite figure with lots and lots of beautiful fur all over their body. Here is more information about the dog.

Maltipoo Brown Basic Information

To understand the basic information about maltipoo brown, you can read the explanations below. It contains the brief, essential things to know, including the life expectancy about the particular dog crossbreed.

1. Breed Type

The breed type of the dog is surely a crossbreed one. The dog is the result of matchmaking Maltese dog and poodle dog. The brown color is usually coming from the Maltese side of the parent. They have rich, almond-colored coat all over the body.

2. Life Expectancy

Maltipoo brown lifespan is around 12-15 years. It is considerably long for small dogs. This is why this type of dog is perfect as pets as they will be with you for over a decade, with the proper care of course.

3. Height and Size

The height and size of the maltipoo brown are important to understand. In average, the dog has the height of 8 to 14 inches. It is indeed considered as small dog. It won’t grow up to be too big in size as well.

This crossbreed is your typical petite dog. It will be easy to carry the maltipoo brown around using your hands as well. The weight is around 5 to 20 lbs in average. With that range of height, the dog is indeed considered as small dog.

4. Behavioral Characteristics

Maltipoo dogs are well known for their cheerful nature. They love being around people and they just loving and caring in general. They are soft-hearted and great with children and family.

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Maltipoo Brown Coat Characteristics

The most important thing about maltipoo brown is its coat of fur. The brown shade is its distinctive feature. Read more about the information related to the brown color coat below.

1. Long and Fluffy

One of the characteristics of maltipoo brown color dog when it comes to their coat is the long and fluffy fur. This is why the coat of fur needs brushing and regular maintenance at least twice a week.

2. Soft

The maltipoo brown dogs have considerably soft coat of fur. They are prone to being tangled. Grooming and proper care is absolutely needed to keep the fur soft and away from tangled situation.

3. Curls and Wave

As you may notice, the dog fur will have curls and waves, too. This is why they need extra care as the furs may get easier to catch dirt, debris and fleas. Brush them regularly so that the curly brown coat of fur is clean and nice.

Those are some of the most essential explanations that you need to know about the dog. Considering that the dog is really nice as pets, you may want to adopt them next time. They are great with children and such a loyal companion. This is why maltipoo brown dogs are just the best.