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Whether it is for someone who lives alone or young families, Maltipoo is a great breed choice. Possessing devoted personality, they love to be companion on walking or cuddling session. There are plenty of options if you’re looking for Maltipoo breeder Michigan, but you may want to get to know them first by continue reading below.

Maltipoo Breeder Michigan Pups’ Physical Appearance

When you’re buying from Maltipoo breeder Michigan, you’d be explained that they are not actually a breed, but a cross between Poodle and Maltese. Just like the parent breeds, they’re also gentle and affectionate.

Being in a small dog category, Maltipoos aren’t likely to exceed 14” tall in terms of height. Their weighs may fall anywhere between 5 to 20 lbs., and they won’t get heavier than the maximum average weigh.

Their coat has soft curly or wavy texture, with the length between medium and long. The parent breeds has diverse color, so naturally Maltipoo inherited the diversity, but you may find most pups from Maltipoo breeder Michigan have cream or white fur. That being said, their appearance is rather hard to predict due to being designer breed. They may have bicolor, tricolor, or marble patterned fur coat.

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Maltipoo Breeder Michigan Pups’ Personality Traits

If you buy the dog from reputable Maltipoo breeder Michigan, then it’s guaranteed you’d bring home a ball of delight with gentle and happy personality in nature. No doubt they will make good companions for anyone all ages.

Maltipoo puppy Michigan, or from any other places, loves to be in the lap of their owners. They have quite big personality and plenty of energy which passed down from Poodle. However, of course that won’t stop them to just cuddle and being loved by the family member, a trait they get from Maltese parent.

Maltipoo has strong believes that they are one of the family members, thus they expect to be treated so. Just some times after you bring the pup from Maltipoo breeder Michigan, they may start to claim a designated spot on your bed or couch. This behavior is also may be cause by their personality that’s more comfortable to be indoor.

Nevertheless, the pups will very much appreciate if you accompany them to daily exercising in order to burn their energy. Keep in mind that you also probably need to train them, as they can be noisy and need to learn when to bark. The fact that they love to bark makes them a competent guard dogs, albeit with none of the aggression that’s commonly found in more hostile dog breeds.

Whether the pup you pick up from Maltipoo breeder Michigan was raised alongside other dogs or not, they naturally have friendly and gentle characteristics. They will be a wonderful companion, but make sure you supervised them around children.

To conclude, getting this particular breed from Maltipoo breeder Michigan near your will be more than a good decision. Make sure you buy from Maltipoo breeder for sale that’s reputable and trustworthy to bring home healthy pup for your family.