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Blue Fawn Pitbull is one of two specific Pitbulls that stand out from its packs. Many dog parents love this type of Pitbull due to their behavior and wonderful physical features. Before you decide to own them, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of owning this loyal dog.

The Advantages of Having a Blue Fawn Pitbull

Blue Fawn Pitbull is known as the most liked Pitbull because of their beautiful appearance. But there are still many reasons why people want to own them, such as below:

The Most Loyal Companion

The moment you adopt a Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy, you will be able to relax knowing that they make a loyal companion to the family. While known as aggressive breeds, they’ll make a great family dog when they’re early enough to open to obedience training.

Appealing Physical Features

The reason why many dog parents want to own a Blue Fawn Pitbull is because of their natural beauty. They have a red nose with silver-blue skin. This coloration is a result of a recessive gene. They also have a distinctive flat skull and muscular body with a small tail.

Easy to Train

As already mentioned above, Blue Fawn Pitbulls have high intelligence that makes them quick in responding commands. To get practical training, they should be given a lot of social interaction and encouragement. Consider giving them dog treats whenever they quickly react well to a new command.

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The Disadvantages of Having a Blue Fawn Pitbull

Every pro has its con. This saying also applies when you decide to adopt a Blue Fawn Pitbull. What are the cons of owning a Pitbull? Here are the answers.

Need Lots of Training

In order to keep a Blue Fawn Pitbull healthy and socialized, they require frequent walks and runs. They will also enjoy continuous training and be allowed to play outside because of their high energy and stamina. They also like to be in competitive dog activities, such as agility, courses, or weight pulling.

The Behavioral Issue

Blue Fawn Pitbull could be violent if they let alone with children, small pets, or other canines, so the owner should be able to closely watch them. They need extensive training in obedience and get them socialized to the family member as soon as possible.

Overweight Problems

Blue Fawn Pitbull is susceptible to obesity, it’s essential to always pay attention to their sugar intakes, amount of dog treats, and the food type in general. The basic rule for the dog treats is that it should be less than the regular food of the dog. The owner should also understand which food is healthy and unhealthy for the canine.

Rather than adopting a Blue Fawn Pitbull puppy, it’s highly advised to adopt the adult one. Although puppies are cuter, they tend to have behavioral issues. Therefore, they require a lot of time to be well-trained, and they could be dangerous if there are children or other pets at home.