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A black Maltipoo is one of the most common dog crossbreeds you can find around the world. The dog is the combination between Maltese and poodle. Both of them are small dogs, and the result of maltipoo is small, adorable dog, too. Here is more information about the breed.

Black Maltipoo Brief Information

This is the brief information about black Maltipoo. It covers the general information about the crossbreed dog, including its average height and weight and lifespan as well. Here they are:

Black Maltipoo

Dog Breed Group

Black Maltipoo belongs to the hybrid group when it comes to dog breed. They are not pure breed and they are there because they are the result of crossing Maltese and poodle. Originally, people did this because they want another small dog with the features of both dog breeds. As the result, the maltipoo looks so adorable with tiny figure and gorgeous coat.

Average Height and Weight

The dog is considered as small dog. Black Maltipoo size is basically very petite. The average height for the dog is around 8-14 inches. It is considered as small for a dog. This is why the dog is often owned by those who particularly love to keep small dog around the house. The black Maltipoo dogs are easy to carry as well as take less space in the house.

As for the weight, the average weight for the dog is around 50-20 lbs. For dog, this number is considered as lightweight as well. This is probably also the ideal weight for the dog as one of the most dangerous health risks of black Maltipoo is being overweight. So, when the dog’s weight is way beyond the number, you should take them to the vet.


Keeping a dog for a long time is a great thing to do. Everyone should have emotional attachment to their dog, including black Maltipoo owners. Thankfully, the lifespan for the dog crossbreed is quite long. They can live for over a decade. The average lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 13 years old.

Black Maltipoo Personality

One of the most important things to know about the breed is its personality, of course. The black Maltipoo personality can be figured out here. It will explain the dog’s true nature to everyone.

Black Maltipoo 2

Are They Family/Kid Friendly?

The answer to this question is a yes. Yes, black Maltipoo is very much friendly, even to strangers. They are good with family and kids, too. Their personality is basically very energetic and lively.

Are They Easy to Train?

Yes. The black Maltipoo dogs are considered very easy to train. Positive reinforcement is all you need to get the dog trained. You do not need to try hard to teach the dog about where to pee and poo and get them to learn some tricks.

Are They Intelligent?

Many people consider this dog breed is very intelligent. They are very compassionate, too. This is why the dog breed makes the perfect pet for everyone, especially those who want to keep a smart dog around the house.

Black Maltipoo Feeding and Physical Neeed

What does it take to keep a black Maltipoo happy and healthy? Surely you need to know their physical need as well as their feeding requirements. The information about that is down below:

Black Maltipoo 3

The Feeding

The dog needs 2-3 times a day feeding. The food has to be full of nutrition, especially the ones needed for dental and bone-related health.

Coat and Grooming

Brushing is a daily need. The dog also needs to get bathed a couple times a week. This crossbreed dog does not shed that much.


The worst thing about the dog breed is that they are so prone of being overweight. This is why exercise is important. Take the dog out to open space in daily basis. This way, they can run up and burn those calories and energy.

Those are some of the most important explanations you can read about the dog. Surely, having a crossbreed dog is challenging, and the same thing happens when you own a maltipoo. Read the information about black Maltipoo above before getting the dog to the house and keep it as pet.